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Monday, March 25, 2013

My work at Smeet

I really enjoyed modeling 3D backgrounds for the Lost Legacies game in 3D Max. Here you can see some of them.


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Property of  Smeet Communications GmbH

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 Property of  Smeet Communications GmbH

At the Avatar team

 It was a lot of fun making dresses/hairs/props and NPC's in the Avatar team at Smeet. Wings, wedding dresses, fashion week's suits.... Here you can take a look to some of them.

Property of  Smeet Communications GmbH

Thursday, July 7, 2011

2D Reel.

Mi recopilatorio de técnicas de efectos visuales en dos dimensiones. Se han tomado prestados los videos originales de películas muy conocidas, como por ejemplo "Limbo Lounge", para llevar a cabo los ejemplos. Los ejercicios de tracking, rotoscopia y pintura digital en este video los he realizado yo. Los ejemplos de keying van en otro video aparte.

2D Reel- Keying

Green screen projects made at art school. The background of the two firsts is from the movie "28 days later" It goes a little bit too fast, because there are so many things to tell about the process of making a composite, and not enough footage to insert all that text. Anyway, enjoy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The rat (and us)

That video was for de editing class 2007. I had the wonderful help of my flatmates Gemma, Borja and Ezgi, and it's dedicated to them. I just wanted to share that old stuff with you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reel 2007_Beta1

Student Reel 2007, containing parts of my old shorts, and my 3D work. The software I used was Poser, Maya, Softimage, After Effects and Premiere.

La Panadera de Mounceau

I made that main titles for a student shortfilm at the UAB. (Barcelona, 2005)

I used mainly Photoshop and After Effects. The original photos are by Diosneau and Adget. I used that photos because the context of the action in that short is Paris in the early XX century, although it was shot on set. I wanted the viewer to take a walk on the streets of Paris before the film begins. Also every illustration has a direct relation with the task of every member of the crew. The original music by Chris Schepper and Margarita del Rio got lost, and the one I used instead (Martires del Compás, great music by the way)

Winner 2007 "Un dedo de espuma dos dedos de frente"

My good friend and artist Miriam de la Sierra and I had the idea of shooting that spot for a video contest while our work-stay in Venice at the Bienale 2007. The jury liked it and we won. We shot it with and old Panasonic Mini DV. I made the edition with Premiere, and for the graphics I used Illustrator and Flash.